CBS Albuquerque: Math App Brings Tutoring to Students Fingertips

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View the CBS Houston news segment here.

Christine Garcia is a junior at the University of New Mexico and math isn’t her favorite subject.

“I struggle with math a lot more than I feel like other people do,” said Garcia.

Just a couple of months ago, she was doing her homework and ran in to some trouble.

“I felt that moment I really needed help and I had no other source to go to,” said Garcia.

It was late and no tutor was around, so she turned to social media. That’s where she found a helpful app.

“I was on Twitter, and scrolling down and someone posted that ‘if you’re having trouble with your math homework, try MathCrunch,” said Garcia.

Here’s how it works: just snap a picture of the math problem and the app finds a tutor for you. From there, the tutor sends instant help through texts.

“It’s like having a person in front of you,” said Garcia.

It’s not just for college students. A tutor can help out from elementary school on up.

“The way he broke down things for me, helped me process and retain it another way,” said Garcia.

Christine likes having a tutor at the time that’s best for her.

“If you’re trying to do your homework at 2 in the morning or even trying to prep for a test, going over things on your review sheet, you can simply get on MathCrunch and submit your problem there,” said Garcia.

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