7 Weird Things You Do During Finals

Scientists are still working around the clock to explain why student behavior becomes so erratic during final exams. At MathCrunch, talking to kids in their darkest academic hours is the biggest part of our job. We’ve observed some common activity going on during this strange time in our lives.

Eat like a pregnant woman.

The craziness of the holiday season and the stress of tests means your appetite has taken a turn for the bizarre. Between studying calculus concepts and geography, the section of your brain that controls appetite goes on autopilot. You float to the fridge at 3 AM and see pickles, ice cream, mustard, pastries… and you say: all of it.

“It’s brain fuel.”

Dress like a Navy SEAL.

You’ve got good fashion sense. You’re no Kanye or Kim, but people don’t mistake you for a hobo. But you don’t have time to coordinate your outfit when United States History demands your attention in the morning. So with textbook in hand and toothbrush in mouth, you blindly reach into your closet and put on something that’s comfortable:

Sup guys?

Laugh at anything and everything.

You’re exhausted at this point. You’ve been reading about biology structures for the past five hours and nothing in your life is humorous. Suddenly your study buddy makes a lame joke he found while surfing the web and not studying:

Hey, If H2O is the formula for water, what is the formula for ice? H2O cubed.

You take a second and then start to chuckle, then uncontrollably laugh, causing everyone in the library to stare. Your study buddy slowly and carefully gathers his things and backs away. You’re still laughing. You need to sleep.

Scream at anyone and everyone.

The stress has made your temper fuse shorter than usual. When a classmate taps you on the shoulder before an exam and asks if they could borrow a sheet of paper:

When your friends ask if everything’s okay lately, you go right to the defensive. Are you really being judged right now? They have no idea what the struggle is like.


Sleep in public places.

Namely the library, which isn’t the oddest thing. But you also began to doze off in class. And at Chipotle. In the burrito line. Make sure you do not operate motor vehicles or dangerous machinery!

And if anyone tries to wake you up, they get the screaming.

The 3,000-mile stare and speaking in existentialisms.

One more test! You’re almost done! After all your work, you can return to your family and friends at long last and enjoy temporary freedom. But something’s different. You feel like you’ve gone through hell and back, and this time the all-nighters have taken a large chunk out of you.

This one was a doozy for sure. But when it’s all said and done, you can go back to your regular sleep schedule (and actual bed), eating habits, mannerisms and life in general. Pat yourself on the back.

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