Back 2 School with MathCrunch

I know it’s a little early for back to school posts, but here at MathCrunch we like to be prepared. More importantly, we want you to be prepared. Not only do we have tutors waiting for you whenever you get stuck on a math problem, but we’ve ALSO come up with these super useful tips to help you start your school year off right. WE CARE! Enjoy this back 2 school special!

Enforce Bed Time

You must once again enforce a bedtime upon yourself. Or else the first couple weeks of school are not going to be pretty. Waking up at 6am again after 3 months of waking up between 11pm-1pm = zombie mode. Also, you know you’re just going to be staring at the alarm clock the entire night before the first day of school, so you should probably rest up for that all-nighter.

You trying to wake up on the first day of school.

Summer Reading

Haven’t read your summer reading book for english? Join the club.

As the wise, powerful and all knowing Nike marketing team once said, “Just do it.”

Or watch this super hilarious and empowering video by Shia Labeouf.

I know what you’re thinking:

  1. “My teacher won’t even notice that I didn’t do the summer reading.”


2. “I will just ask my friends what the book was about.”


3. “I can just Sparknote it.”

Just do your summer reading. Have some integrity!

You know what, you might actually enjoy it. AND learn something. Who knew?

More Reading

Since you’re turning over a new leaf this year and being more responsible, a great way to start is to get ahead on your text book reading. Having even a small idea of what’s coming up in class will give you an edge, and make you feel super smart! Skim the first few chapters, get a feel for the course and when you walk in to class you’ll be so much more confident. Even better though, practice problems on MathCrunch!

Creative Brainstorming

AKA craft elaborate stories about your summer.

Because YOU KNOW your teachers are going to ask you to share with the class something fun you did this summer. And YOU KNOW it’s probably because they were lazy with their first day lesson plans, so they decided to torture you with public speaking instead.

Don’t let this be you. Be prepared.

The best way to handle this situation is to be prepared with a crazy story and act like its NBD. For example: “I para glided over the swiss alps with Nick Cage.” *shrugs* (people don’t need to know that you don’t even know what para gliding is or that Nick Cage is your neighbors name too.) or “I spent the summer diving with Goblin Sharks in Antarctica, it was whatever.” Make sure you come up with multiple stories in case you are asked to share in more than one class. It’s great to get your creative juices flowing again!

You’re teachers reaction to your story.

And as an added bonus, if you have the same person in multiple classes they will either think you’re rad and had an epic summer or that you’re a pathological liar. Either way, you made an impact!

This a Goblin Shark FYI — they only dwell in extreme ocean depths, which makes your story even more EPIC!

Reflect and Improve

Think back to last year. Remember your grades, your relationships with your teachers and school chums. Remember all those cringe-worthy things you did. Remember all your victories, downfalls, laughs, tears, bad grades, good grades, embarrassing moments, winning moments…now erase all those bad memories from your memory, never think about them again. Focus on how you felt for the good stuff. Start to visualize yourself #winning. See the A+ at the top of your exam, imagine your epic soccer goal, imagine your parents proud faces when you show them your report card, see yourself achieving things you never thought you could before!

Be Prepared

Prepared to look totally cool, that is. Picking out what you’re gonna wear — the struggle is real. You want to look good, but you don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard. You want to stand out but blend in at the same time. Life is so hard sometimes. The solution is actually rather simple: T-shirt and jeans — understated, yet totally cool. I know, you can thank me later. I mean, if you’re going to walk into class with the coolest summer stories AND you already know all the Chapter 1 practice problems, you might as well look the part.

Well, there you go. This blog post is basically a recipe for success. Follow these simple steps, use MathCrunch and conquer this year. Go get em tiger. You got this!

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