College Finals according to Gavin

Each week we feature people from around the country who have used MathCrunch. Meet:



Freshman, Virginia Tech University

Favorite subject? Marketing.

Least favorite? Accounting.

Extracurriculars? I like to shoot hoops at the gym and I just joined an investment club at school.

Favorite app? Instagram.

What kind of student would you describe yourself as?

I’ve always been kind of a last-minute kind of guy. But it works for me in college.

What’s the hardest part about college life? Making sure you get assignments in on time, because the professors don’t coddle you and each one is different.

Looking back to high school, what would you have done differently?Gotten better grades.

Any study tips? Just get it done!

How did you find out about MathCrunch? I go to a tech-heavy school, so a lot of kids are involved with start-ups and word gets around.

Describe your experience with MathCrunch. Easy to find and download, there aren’t too many other tutor apps out there at the moment. The tutors are really helpful and quick!

What do you think will be the future of education and technology?

More online classes, except they’ll be smaller and more interactive. Soon I’ll never leave my apartment to go to class.

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