Digital Learning Day- Why You Should Know About it

MathCrunch is proud to not only celebrate Digital Learning Day but to be a part of it.

What is it?

Digital Learning day is more of a movement than just a day. But on March 13th we celebrate all the teachers, companies and students who innovate to integrate technology into everyday learning. On March 13th Innovators from around the United States share the creative ways that that they use technology in the classroom. It’s a day to share, collaborate and learn new ways of using technology to achieve the highest quality of learning.

Digital Learning is any form of instruction that utilizes technology to enhance the learners experience. Digital learning can be anything from online lesson plans, exams, and exercises to the use of social media, apps or classroom technology to help students learn better, faster, and smarter. Digital learning is about providing the highest quality of educational content in a way that is easily accessible, individualized and challenging.

Why should you care?

With technology the world is changing quickly. As the world changes and revolves around the use of technology, one things remains the same, students are at the heart of everything that goes on. Digital Learning is about preparing every student for the future. Digital learning prepares students for the future of technology, the future of the world they live in and the future of their lives. With the use of technology in the classroom so much more is possible. Students can have access to information anytime and anywhere. They can have immediate access to resources, lessons and tools for learning.

It also promotes diversity in teaching. Everyone learns differently. With technology the range of teaching methods is limitless. Teachers and companies are coming up with creative and innovative ways to teach using technology everyday, making it easier for everyone to understand concepts.

The use of technology in the classroom encourages students to be more responsible for their own learning.

How does MathCrunch fit in?

MathCrunch is the beginning of a revolution of on demand knowledge. It’s instant. You’re stuck on a problem, you hit a button and bam! you have someone helping you. You can have math help in as little as 10 seconds. Thats less time than it takes to email your teacher or ask your friend or parents.

Isn’t that the way it should be? We help you figure it out and we help you figure it out faster. We help you become a better student along the way. Our tutors are dedicated to making sure that you understand what you’re working on and that you end the session confident in what you’ve learned.

That’s right. We make sure you’re confident enough to do your math homework in pen.

Knowledge is limitless and so should be its accessibility. Happy Digital Learning Day from MathCrunch!

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