Dodging Hallway PDA

We feature students from around the country who are using MathCrunch.


Tye D.

El Comino Charter High School, 10th Grade

Favorite subject: English

Least favorite: Geometry

Extracurriculars? I will soon be taking piano lessons!

Favorite app: My favorite app would have to be Twitter, but if we’re talking academically, then of course MathCrunch (even though it only applies for math.)

What kind of student would you describe yourself as?

I would describe myself as a hard worker, I always do my best to get my work done.

What’s the hardest part about high school?

Either all the couples making out in the halls, or having a teacher put you on the spot to embarrass you.

Looking back to freshman year, what would you have done differently?

Thinking back to freshman year, I would’ve studied more, and worked harder in my classes.

Looking forward to college?

The most exciting part about college to me, is the experience, learning all new things that you have never been introduced to before, and finally being able to have more control over your life.

Any study tips? Make your notes in Cornell Note format and lots of highlights.

How did you find out about MathCrunch? Saw it on Twitter.

Describe your experience with MathCrunch.

MathCrunch has not failed me yet, all tutor experiences have been perfect, me always leaving with a perfect understanding of what to do. The app was extremely easy to use, and all tutors were very nice and helpful. Usually my sessions take around 15–20 min at most.

What can MathCrunch do better?

I think that MathCrunch could add mini giveaways on their app, preferably giving out tutor session minutes, or maybe a golden tutor session in which you take all the time you need without getting billed.

What do you think will be the future of education and technology?

Personally I have no clue what the future could hold for technology and education. There are many smart people out there that can go any direction in improving the state of technology, same goes for education.

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