Drop the Phone, Walk Away

This week, we feature high school student Melissa (Twitter @Bocassoylatte) in our Student Spotlight!

Melissa, Class of 2017

Favorite/least favorite subject: My favorite subject is math because I like having to figure out problems. My least favorite subject is social studies because I just don’t find it interesting

Extracurriculars: I don’t do much extracurriculars anymore, but I enjoy business so I take part in multiple business-like events.

Favorite app: Twitter.

What kind of student would you describe yourself as?

I think that I am a very hands-on student because I like to try to answer questions even if I get the answer wrong.

What’s the hardest part about high school? Keeping up with all the work that I receive.

Looking back to freshman year, what would you have done differently?

When I look back to freshman year, I realize that I should have taken it a bit more seriously because it definitely impacted me in the future.

What are you looking forward to about college?

I’m excited about college because I can go away to school and I can live on my own for once.

Any study tips?

When studying, I like to make sure I’m in a quiet place and I put my phone in the other room so I’m not tempted to use it.

How did you find out about MathCrunch?

I found MathCrunch because I need to retake the alg2/trig regents and I forgot a lot of the material and I needed help with a lot of questions.

Describe your experience with MathCrunch. Was the app easy to use? What was your tutor like? How did you work through the problem? How long did the whole thing take? Care to share an image of the problem(s) you worked on?

I found that math crunch was very beneficial because my tutors definitely made sure I understood each step before we moved on. It was a very quick experience which was also good.

What can MathCrunch do better?

I don’t think MathCrunch needs to improve anything at all! They are good the way they are.

What will be the future of education and technology?

I think that in the future, education will be run by technology and this is just the first step

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