Lilian’s Fighting Math Hate

We feature students from around the country who are using MathCrunch. Meet:


Hilliard Bradley Highschool, 9th Grade

Favorite subject: Science

Least favorite: Math

Extracurriculars?  Journalism/newspaper

Favorite app: Twitter!

What kind of student would you describe yourself as? A lazy one.

What’s the hardest part about high school? Balancing your school work with your personal life.

Looking forward to college? Yes! I’m excited about being able to socialize with different people and make new friends.

Any study tips? Being in an isolated area where it’s quiet is best for studying.

How did you find out about MathCrunch? A friend recommended it to me via Twitter.

Describe your experience with MathCrunch. The app is very easy to navigate through, the tutors are friendly and thorough when they explain !

What can MathCrunch do better? There’s nothing I can think of.

What do you think will be the future of education and technology?There will be more apps like MathCrunch. The app makes it easy and affordable for young students who aren’t able to afford home tutors in their area.

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