MathCrunch – Better, Faster, Smarter, Stronger

Today, we’ve got some exciting news to share with you.

First, we present (cue drum roll please): a new better-than-ever MathCrunch.

We now have a stronger emphasis on real educational value with elements like an honor code, student session history, and a stronger rating algorithm. We’ve also streamlined tutor hiring and created an even more student-friendly experience, including our latest feature: super smart indicators that tell you how long the wait will be for an available tutor (hint: not long).

Oh yeah, and while we were working on all this cool new stuff, we managed to raise some more money. Which we’ll use to make more cool new stuff. Yup!

Academic Values

We are all about providing an enjoyable experience with a really serious purpose. Old-fashioned principles of strong academic values are close to our heart. To protect these, we have designed a new in-app sign-up process. Students commit to academic honesty and promise to learn. By holding students accountable for their learning, we encourage them to take responsibility for their own education. We want students to not only get the right answers, but also grasp concepts and get comfortable with the common core.

Tailored Instruction

Everyone learns differently, and great teachers know that. True to our core values, we would like our tutors to be able to work with our students as if they were their own. So our new “session history” feature allows tutors to review students’ previous sessions, so they can tailor their teaching to fit everyone’s unique strengths and weaknesses. Students will also have access to their session history so they can study their previous sessions.

Great Teaching

As always, students can rate their tutor at the end of each session. (Please do this, it helps everyone!) We have now placed a greater emphasis on our tutor rating algorithm to ensure the best possible quality for our students. We have also improved the way we hire tutors. All tutor applicants are tested on their academic and communication skills — both are equally important to us! — via a comprehensive math exam and in-depth interview. After tutors are on board, we shadow them for their first few sessions. Just like in the best schools, we always keep our tutors up-to-date on the best teaching methods and practices.

Function + Style

Our re-design is vibrant, simplified, and more user-friendly. Our wait-time indicator lets students know how long it will be before they’re connected with a tutor; our goal is to have wait times no longer than two minutes.


Lastly, We’re very excited to announce that we’ve raised $3.5M seed in funding led by Index Ventures and Floodgate Fund, with participation from Sherpa Ventures, Formation 8, Slow Ventures, and other esteemed investors. That’s right. More funding, more improvements, more us. We’re going to make a real impact on education and we’re just getting started.

Enjoy the new and improved MathCrunch! With an emphasis on educational values, awesome features and an updated experience, MathCrunch is better, faster, smarter, stronger.

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