MathCrunch Student Spotlight: The Future of EdTech

Each week we feature a student who has used MathCrunch. Meet:

Mackenzie, Class of 2019

Redwood High School Visalia, CA

Favorite subject: Math

Least favorite: Spanish/Foreign language

Favorite app: School related: MathCrunch

Not school related: Twitter or Snapchat

What kind of student would you describe yourself as? I would describe myself as a hardworking student but a big procrastinator and a perfectionist.

What’s the hardest part about high school? Studying for so many tests with a two-day notice and be expected to get an A.

Looking back to freshman year, what would you have done differently?Since I’m a freshman right now, I wish I would have studied more and found out about MathCrunch sooner in the beginning of the year.

What excites you about college? The freedom excites me. The freedom to do what you want and how you want. No one is there to hold you hand, your grown up.

Any study tips? My biggest study tip is study days before a test or quiz. Study at least an hour at least, and more is better. Notecards help a lot. I also use the website Kahoot.

How’d you hear about MathCrunch? On Twitter actually. I want to say I saw it on an advertisement, but not sure.. I told my mom and friends about the app. My mom then told students at the school she works at. (Tulare Union High School Tulare, CA).

Describe your experience with the app.

MathCrunch is definitely worth the money and time. My math teacher doesn’t teach very well and I don’t understand it, but Math Crunch helps me understand problems easier. The tutors were great and easy to work with, and really helped me understand the lesson. The app is super easy to use! It took me about 30 minutes each lesson.

What do you think will be the future of education and technology?

I feel like FaceTiming a tutor is gonna be the next big thing, where they can’t see you but you can see them.

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