Snowpocalypse: A How-To

It is upon us. After a record-warm winter season across the country, many regions are seeing the first heavy snowfall of the year. Depending on where you currently reside, you’re either scoffing because you’ve seen it before, embracing the news, or living in a tropical region where none of this matters (the state of envy, California).

Once the fresh powder sets in and road transportation stops, you rejoice in your free time! No school! Here’s how to best use your time in a snowstorm to avoid cabin fever, productivity loss, and overall boredom.


Although school’s out, many parents in the neighborhood still have to miserably trudge to work. Isn’t it great being a kid? This means still that many elementary-aged and lower kids would be left home alone, were it not for you — the industrious, happy-faced, mature person who is available to make sure they don’t stick their fingers in the electrical outlets.

This is a perfect opportunity to get out of the house, eat someone else’s food, and most importantly make some money.

Shovel snow.

Speaking of making dough! Grab the big shovel, throw on your coat, and start knocking on some doors. The goal is to hit as many houses, clear as many driveways, make your neighbors proud and beat the guys driving the snow plows. It’s also great exercise when you’d otherwise be cooped up.

Just make sure you hit your own driveway first.

Netflix binge.

For weeks you’ve been treated like a second-class citizen, shunned from lunchtime harping on Making A Murderer. Well, you now have all the time and no excuses to catch up. When it’s chill outside, you Netflix inside.

Film your action sports tape*.

*Clearly we cannot officially endorse dangerous activities. But snow is ultimately conducive to doing awesome stuff. Even if you don’t live in suburbia or the mountains, you can always shred the streets:

Hone your kitchen skills.

After having your timeline inundated with mouth-watering 30-second videos of buffalo chicken-tortilla-pork shoulder-goodness, it’s time to open the pantry and get to work.

Check your emails!

Just because you’re having a ball, doesn’t mean your teacher is. They’re sending out assignments via your online portal and/or email, knowing full well that 1% of the class will pay attention. Be the 1%.

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