Stay Trendy with MathCrunch

New education trends are popping up like crazy. It’s hard to keep up with all the hype. With so much room for innovation in today’s education space, new methods and teaching trends are being conceived every minute! It’s not a bad thing, of course. It’s all good stuff!

MathCrunch utilizes some of the most popular new ed-tech trends. We’re so trendy.

Some of the most effective new ed-tech trends include individualized learning, mobile learning, inquiry based learning and Common Core. All of which MathCrunch represent. Four cool, new trends-one app. Whadyaknow?!

Anyway, we want you to know why these trends are important and effective and how we use them to ensure student success.

Individualized Learning

Individualized learning is also known as 1:1 learning, or alternative learning. We finally realized that not everyone learns in the same ways or at the same pace. What a remarkable epiphany! Alternative education is the belief that every student can learn and succeed in a variety of ways. One on one instruction is the best way to find the the most effective path in which a student learns. Since every student on MathCrunch is matched with their own tutor, they receive individualized instruction. MathCrunch tutors can easily pinpoint what areas the student is struggling in and address them accordingly through their instruction.

Even 2 Chainz knows that everyone has different learning styles.

Mobile Learning

Mobile learning is pretty self-explanatory. Students can access lessons, instruction, homework or any other form of informal learning via a mobile device — laptop, computer, iPad…etc. The benefits of mobile learning are convenience and accessibility. MathCrunch tutors are available 24/7 from a smart phone. Wether students are up late studying or stuck on homework, there is a tutor available at the touch of a button.

Mobile learning is SO MUCH FUN

Inquiry Based Learning

Asking questions is all the rage. Inquiry based learning is based on seeking knowledge by asking questions. This places responsibility to learn in the hands of the student, involves them in the lesson and encourages deeper thinking. When students use MathCrunch, they’re engaging in inquiry based learning by submitting specific questions and engaging with tutors about what they’re struggling with.

“Remember to raise your hand and don’t just blurt out the answer.” — Every elementary school teacher ever.

Common Core

Trendy because everyone is doing it. But it’s no secret that the Common Core math standards can be tricky and tend to trip students up from time to time. MathCrunch tutors are well-versed in the math standards and the best methods to go about teaching them. Common Core is meant to better prepare students for college. With extra support on tough standards, Common Core can serve its purpose effectively.

“You’re taking the SBAC tests this week?! OMG me too!”

So many ways to learn, so little time — that’s why there’s MathCrunch. Stay savvy.

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