Student Spotlight: Nick Elleman’s Explaining, Not Answering

Meet one of MathCrunch’s students:

Nick Elleman

Junior, Conner High School

Favorite subject? AP Chemistry;Least favorite? English.

Extracurriculars? I play lots of tennis. I practice every day!

Favorite App? Twitter. I love interacting with all my friends in a fast way!

What kind of student would you describe yourself as? I would describe myself as a hard-working student who wants to be successful in all of my classes. Sometimes I can be a goof though, not going to lie.

What’s the hardest part about high school? Balancing my social life and school work with my athletic life (tennis). It is hard sometimes having three-hour practices after school basically every day and being able to come home to get the large amount of homework I have done – all while doing my best to maintain all As.

Looking back to freshman year, what would you have done differently?I would have probably taken it a lot more seriously. Even though I got good grades that year, I didn’t take it as seriously as I should/could have.

Looking forward to college? Yes! I am very excited! I am hopefully going to go to college as a student athlete so I need to be prepared to be able to maintain good grades and work hard in all aspects of it.

Any study tips? Never try to cram tons of random information in last second. Also, don’t stay up all night studying for a test. It is better to break up study time over a course of several days and to look at the big picture of the content then to cram every little detail last second.

How did you find out about MathCrunch?

I just searched “math tutor” on the App Store. I saw a bunch of other apps that were just camera-based and only gave you the answer, which wouldn’t have helped me to learn the content at all. I saw that MathCrunch would actually benefit me to learn the content rather than just knowing the answer, which is what I needed.

Describe your experience with MathCrunch.

I am very new to it and have just been using my free minutes so far but it has been absolutely amazing. In the amount of time I had my tutor helped me look at the problem in a way I have never learned before. He explained it so much better to me than even my teacher did. Also, he knew exactly what I needed as soon as I told him the scenario. There is no other app this amazing that I have used. My tutor was extremely nice and the app was extremely understandable.

What can MathCrunch do better?

Nothing I can think of! The only thing I dislike about the app is the fact that there is a decent cost involved after the free minutes are used up. But that is one of the only always the app can make money, so it makes sense.

What do you think will be the future of education and technology?

I think that MathCrunch is a good example of what the future of technology and education should and could be. It is extremely helpful. Especially for me, a busy student athlete who doesn’t have the schedule to work around for an appointment with a teacher or to stay after school with my teacher. That’s what I love most about the app is that it is based on when I can do it off of MY schedule. I can completely see that the app is based on the student which is awesome!

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