Tech as a middle-man: A young film director’s story

Each week we profile bright, resourceful students who have used EdTech for math homework help. Meet:

Ryan S.

Freshman, Ventura High School

Favorite subject: English

Least favorite subject: Physics

I’m an avid cyclist and cello player but my main focus the last year or so has been filmmaking.

Favorite app: My favorite/ most used app is without a doubt Pandora because no matter what I’m doing, I love having it on to offer a little bit of non-visual inspiration and stimulation.

What kind of student would you describe yourself as?

I’ve always been a very self-motivated kid and student and gotten stellar grades. But as years have passed I’ve found it harder to pay attention and easier to procrastinate, which is why well made educational apps, like MathCrunch, and other resources have been unbelievably helpful and necessary to help keep my grades up.

What’s the hardest part about high school?

The last year especially, the hardest thing about school has been balancing it with other things and activities in my life that I highly value. My very long school days has made it quite challenging to fit in my many film projects but fortunately, it’s worked out.

What excites you about going to college?

I’m quite eager to get off to college, or film school in my case, to get a jump start on my career and build up important connections and friendships I’ll have forever.

Any study tips?

Honestly, I’ve found a lot of success with the “last minute cramming” technique, but in general, repetition by writing things out or repeating them has always been foul proof for memory of information.

How did you find out about MathCrunch?

I learned about the app on a filmmaking website that was featuring their video contest and got the app soon after when an idea for a video hit me. Since then I have used it quite a bit and found it very helpful.

Describe your experience with MathCrunch.

I’ve never used any kind of a tutor before MathCrunch. The first time I ever used the app was really on set of shooting the MathCrunch video but our tutor was very quick and friendly(only took about 5 minutes) and we were able to get our answer still with the sense of accomplishment that we worked through it and weren’t just given the answer.

What can MathCrunch do better?

I think MathCrunch is a very well-made app, the only thing I could think to be changed is that my tutors responses sometimes will take a little while to come through so maybe the rate meter recording your time should factor that in and only charge you for when you are truly engaged in an exchange of information.

What do you think will be the future of education and technology?

I believe in the future, technology will be the middle-man in nearly all human to human interactions whether they be educational or strictly social, and with the release of thousands of innovations in recent years, such as MathCrunch, it’s apparent that this future is approaching fast.

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