Winter Break Is Coming: How To Prepare

What a glorious time of year. It’s been a long school term, and for the first time since summer the kid(s) who drove you nuts night and day will return to the nest for a solid few weeks. If you have kids in high school, you’ll be glad to take a break from juggling final exams, clubs, sports and general teen angst. If your kids are coming home from college, you’re just glad to see their faces and know that they recognize yours!

Alas, if you’ve ever seen a Christmas sitcom, you know being home for the holidays can quickly go awry. We came up with a contingency plan to help you gear up for the holidays.

Brace yourselves, parents. The children are coming.

Stress temporary employment.

Just because winter break is shorter than the summer doesn’t mean students can’t find part-time work. Whatever part-time job they held over the summer may need some extra help over the holidays, which is a great way to save up some money and get out of your hair for a few hours.

Tell me about it.

Stock up on snacks.

The empty nest is full again, with more mouths to feed. When students are home for most of the day, they typically like to munch on snacks idly while their superhuman metabolisms tell them they can keep going. Between meals, you’ll want to stock up on healthy, satiating, filling snacks.

Having trouble finding out how to plan meals without disrupting your own work week? Check out our blog on nutrition.

Temporary gym membership.

16–22 year olds are not bears in the forest; they do not need to hibernate in the wintertime. Staying active can combat boredom and cabin fever in the same kick. Many gyms have special student deals or will omit the sign-up fee if you talk to them.

While you’re at it, you may want to go ahead and gift yourself a membership and consider making fitness a family initiative. Beginning in December can give you all a head start on the New Years resolution-ers who never stick around (because you will… right?)

Continual learning.

After months of hard work, it’s easy for students to let their brains go to mush while watching late-night TV. Which is OK for a bit, but much of the free time should go towards pursuing knowledge where they didn’t have time to do so during the semester. Send them to the bookstore! The library!

Can’t be sad in the bookstore.

The web has endless resources for students to take up any skill. Want to learn how to cook? Attempt one of those ridiculously simple recipes from Facebook! Interested in coding? CodeAcademy can get you started.

It’s also a time to brush up on subjects that were shaky during the school year. However you decide to spend your time, be sure to prioritize that quality family togetherness.

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