Taking on the Cheating Economy

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn.” – Xun Kuang, Confucian Philosopher, 4th Century, BC

Ubiquitous access to the internet left us hopeful that one-on-one learning would be accessible to every student in America. We wanted each student to be a fingertip away from an instant highly qualified and personalized teacher. Instead, we got an online tutoring industry exploitative at worst, apathetic at best. 

Online tutoring is no longer about learning. Students have come to expect quick, easy and cheap answers. Parents spend money and see no improvements in outcome. Schools are too slow to address any of these challenges. Even the tutors are left feeling unfulfilled, reduced to being simple on-demand problem solvers. All stakeholders lose.

When we first launched MathCrunch, we saw this first hand. That is why we’ve developed the world’s first learning model around mobile chat.

We call it Personalized Inquiry Learning™. Our service is built for students on  their platform of choice: mobile, through the mediums they are already comfortable with: text, photo sharing, and drawing. We then went a step further and created a methodology that brings the best tutors and teaching formula together to consistently deliver educational value. This formula continues to evolve , as we look to improve how our tutors identify gaps in student learning and how they engage them through guiding questions.

Accountability is another key component.  Tutors are provided with feedback every two weeks based on our formula, student engagement, and other proprietary data. In contrast, teachers in 34 states are evaluated at best once a year.

Lastly, we are also excited to announce today that MathCrunch is rebranding as  Yup. Yup will offer Math, Chemistry and Physics support. We are simplifying our pricing and making it even more affordable with a 30-Minute Plan and an Unlimited Plan. We are also happy to announce that we have raised another $4M in financing. This round will go towards scaling our user-base, growing our team, and continuing to provide high quality support at an affordable price.

We are excited to be Your Partner in Learning™
Naguib & the Yup Team

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