How Mobile Tutoring Picks Up Where Online Classes Fail

Does Online Credit Recovery Work?

The American Institutes for Research recently conducted a study on the effectiveness of “online credit recovery”, which high school students have increasingly used as a second chance of gaining back credits lost after failing a course. These third-party, for-profit sources have allowed students to take courses online on their own time.

The research has shown that taking these remedial courses online has generally not helped students graduate on time. Students working online were less likely to pass than the students randomly assigned to take the course face-to-face. 


The Answer: Kind Of…

However, NPR points out a crucial difference in the study:

The students taking the online courses usually did so in a lab with an in-person “mentor” whose duties included troubleshooting the technology, proctoring exams and managing behavior. When these mentors took the initiative to also provide instructional support — that is, help with the actual math — then the pass rates for those students rose to match that of the face-to-face students.

Essentially, when you leave a student alone with a computer and an e-textbook, you cannot expect him or her to comprehend the material or ask the right questions. Without a mode of attentive feedback, complex online courses become somewhat of a black hole for communication. It’s not hard to see the downward spiral of a situation in which a student uses online credit recovery as a last chance to graduate… and fails again.

Tutoring Transforms Failure Into Success

In business/technology development as well as in education, we’ve come to accept the concept of failure as an inevitable part of building. Making mistakes is more indicative of brave experimentation and becomes an avenue towards learning.

As a math, chemistry and physics online homework help app and tutoring service, Yup builds upwards from the foundation of failure. Many students download our app after failing a test or struggling to understand an algebra or physics concept. Perhaps traditional tutoring – or, dare we say their teachers – failed them.

Real Homework Help Before Remediation

Yup brings the best of both worlds together: the convenience and round-the-clock speed of the Internet, paired with the personal attention and expertise of a personalized live tutor. The mobile chat-based interface is akin to the rapid response ways students interact with each other daily. It’s recognizable and takes the edge off traditional learning.

In another sense, it’s difficult to compare online credit recovery to our brand of tutoring. The former serves one purpose: to catch up after failing. On the other hand, Yup is whatever students need it to be. It can be damage control before (or after) an exam. It can help you with a single specific problem. Yup has no accreditation authority; it cannot help you gain lost credits. But it can personally keep you up to speed with the math, chemistry and physics classes you’re taking right now.

And that’s the beauty of online learning.



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