How To Make This Summer Different From The Last

At last: final exams are over. You can breathe easily again, knowing that the stress of academic life has subsided (at least until next semester). Longer days and better weather await. Your bed beckons you, promising long mornings of well-deserved slumber.


But have you thought about the best way to stretch out the summer months? As your online tutors in math, physics and chemistry, we’ve thought this one out thoroughly.

Whether you’ve just graduated, are working a summer job, or haven’t given a thought past May, optimizing your daily summer schedule can have a profound impact on the rest of the year.

Reminiscent of Drake’s enthusiasm in his latest single, we present to you some tips on how to get “revenge” in Summer ’16:2001

Summer ’15: Sleeping In

After the (perhaps excessive) all-nighters from the semester, your body was crying for some sleep. So you took a few days to catch up on some Z’s, but after awhile, pressing the snooze button devolved into unplugging the alarm clock altogether. By July, you may have rationalized that routinely waking up at 11 AM meant you could just jump straight to an early lunch.

√ Summer ’16: Early Alarm


 No matter what your plans are, get an early start on the day. Just because school is over doesn’t mean you can’t use the classroom hours to work towards something productive! Maintaining a reasonable sleep schedule from May ensures that you can actually experience the season, adventure, get some work done or do the following:

Summer ’15: Netflix All Day, Every Day

With all the time to catch up on your favorite series, it’s difficult to not sit in your bed and binge-watch Game of Thrones. But anyone who watches should know that winter is definitely coming, and every moment spent procrastinating could also be a moment when you engage in:

Summer ’16: Constructive Learning

2003By  all means, spend your leisure time as you see fit; summer movies and TV are usually among the best of the year. You could also make time sponging valuable information in other areas of life especially relevant to you. Without the rigidity of your coursework, you can explore interests you otherwise wouldn’t have time to explore, and perfect skills you didn’t know you had or could someday master.

Summer ’15: Beat the Heat… Indoors

More time at home means more time alone; and more time alone means more opportunities to raid the pantry and eat an entire container of Oreos.

Summer ’16: Wellness + Nutrition

2004Why not get increase your outdoor activity? Yeah, yeah… the factor of sweating more. But with summer comes the opportunity for more outdoor sports, adventures in nature, or just soaking in the rays with friends.

Seasonal fruits and veggies also make it easier and more palatable to diversify your diet, because peanut butter + jelly sandwiches can only take you so far.

Summer ’15: Internet Lurking

42af7-1gie9mnmc7cd0nffkp9hmyaWith social media, checking up on your friends is easier than ever. However, experiencing others’ summer adventures through the looking glass of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is no way to spend hours on end. Looking at pictures of beaches on Tumblr does not in fact place you on said beach.

Summer ’16: In-Person Networking

2005One of the most valuable uses of your free time is connecting with others – not on LinkedIn, or via text message – in person. Re-connect with old and new friends over lunch, coffee or ice cream. Young professionals: attend as many professional and social happy hours as possible while maintaining your sanity (and checking account balance).

Life moves so fast that if we forget to enjoy and benefit from the company of others, then summer is just another season in a long year.

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