How To Combat High School Senioritis

Summer feels closer than ever. You’ve put in four years of routine, moving like listless drones from class to class while fighting through masses in the hallways. Now that you’re edging towards graduation, the ease of underachievement is all too tempting. College applications, check. Prom, check. Summer plans, check.


Don’t you deserve to relax and not worry about school? Haven’t you paid your dues? Well, yes and no. It is true that the worst is over, and you have some flexibility and breathing room that the Juniors don’t. It’s easy to abuse, however. Keep in mind that your responsibilities aren’t over until you actually graduate, and that colleges do pay attention to your final transcripts.

Don’t worry: the online math tutors have got your back on this. If we can help you with your homework, we can help you get through these last few weeks till’ freedom.

Actually going to school?

The most obvious sign that graduation is coming up is half-empty classrooms. Seniors skip class more often once they’ve made the cost-benefit analysis of continuing to wake up early after they’ve already submitted college applications. Nothing interesting happens in the fourth quarter, right?

Wrong! Attendance points still matter, and absences can rack up before you realize it. If you make a habit out of calling in sick, you may be digging yourself into a hole that will become horrendously apparent once final exams come around. Remember, having a ridiculously out-of-trend final transcript can cause you to lose financial aid, or even having your college acceptance revoked.

And if having to do this all over again isn’t your scariest nightmare, it should be.


Staying until final bell

Getting to class with a bad case of Senioritis is hard enough – staying is another ball game. Being able to drive yourself to school is a senior rite of passage, along with having access to prime parking spots. While this was relevant for students to get to class earlier in the year, it now means students are slinking off for a “long lunch” after third period.


We know it’s an uphill battle, but if you already made it to class, you may as well stay through the day and not miss out on any senior pranks or over-the-top prom proposals.

Studying productively

So you’ve conquered the task of getting to and staying in class all day; but the battle is not over. Once you get home, it takes a lot of willpower for someone to crack open that homework when the nagging procrastinator inside your head tells you to binge on Netflix series.

Maintaining academic consistency is just as important as last semester. You can even ramp up your productivity by working smarter instead of working harder. Check out our tips on optimizing your sleepprepping for final examsand getting ahead on your student loans.


Stay involved

Don’t just give up on all your extra-curricular activities that you’ve already put so much time into. Remember your coaches, mentors, counselors and teachers who have given you all their time inside and outside the classroom. Realize that although you’re leaving in a few weeks, they will still be there. Take the time to show your appreciation and continue to participate and fulfill your duties until the very end. They will remember your dedication!

Remember… the end is near. Go out with a bang, but don’t celebrate too early!


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