Why you should be a mentor this summer

Us millennials came up in a transitional period of human history, caught between the confusion of snail mail and email, of VHS and Netflix, of protesting with angry words and playing Angry Birds. Those younger than us, aka Generation Z (which currently makes up 25% of the U.S. population) has a unique story as well. They have known nothing but high-speed Internet and more advanced ways to obtain information.

In a time when less kids are growing up with parents at home, the internet is often the go-to for some interesting questions:


Screenshot 2016-06-30 16.01.26


As online tutors, our number one job is to take care of the questions on math, chemistry and physics homework… not necessarily questions about sports, style or the meaning of life. That’s where you come in.

When you become someone else’s mentor, two things happen: first, whomever you take under your wing will glean invaluable lessons from the experience. Second, so will you. Aside from the rewarding feeling you get when you help someone else, you can learn so much from the younger generation’s experience.

Be a bookworm

2004Summer reading is a significant aspect in making sure students stay sharp while school’s out. Volunteer at your local library and read to children who are hungry for a story. Some programs will have you teach basic computer skills and other workshops based on your skills. You could also help students in remedial or summer school to complete their homework!


2003Hey, Coach!

If you had a coach who positively impacted your development, you can give another young player the same experience. Your neighborhood swim team, youth league tee-ball or rec league could always use another helper. Your skill level matters much less than your availability and willingness to teach basic concepts.

It’s a great way to stay in shape and hang out with the future olympians of America.

2002Parks and Rec

Not into sports? Head off to summer camp and enjoy the great outdoors. You’ll be a part of the experience that kids talk about for years to come. Since they’re away from home, they’ll look up to you even more for guidance and advice. Arts, crafts, survival skills, s’mores, swimming… all activities require a watchful mentor who can relate with campers.

Big Brothers, Big Sisters

The most direct way to get involved in your community. This organization has been around for decades and pairs you with a little brother/sister. Local programs like these are more about simply being there for young people without a strong home and/or parental figures in their lives. If you didn’t have an older sibling to go on a hike or share a slice of pizza with, this is a way to take on that role for someone else.

Even with a busy schedule, you can always carve out some free time to volunteer for mentoring opportunities in your own community. There’s no telling the potential difference you can make in someone else’s life!


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