One tech gadget you need to crush homework this year (hint: it’s not a gadget)

Going back to school in 2016 means equipping yourself with the right tools. YouTubers FungBros recently dropped a video on the best back-to-school tech goodies on the market:


Some of these trinkets are flashy (see the HuaWei smart watch) and some are geared more towards entertainment than homework (Google Chromecast and virtual reality goggles). These gadgets are like the guac on your burrito — you never regret it but you know it’ll cost you extra.

Before you comb through your hardware options, you might want to check out the software available to the devices. What apps will you most immediately need to complete tasks, and which apps are, well, guac?

Earlier we reviewed the best apps for helping you optimize your sleeping patterns so you can stay awake in class. For note-taking (but also word processing), we recommend Evernote. Fried hard drive? No worries. You can store your notes in the cloud and access it from multiple devices.  In addition, make sure to sync your calendar/task manager apps across your devices so no assignment falls through the cracks.

But for all the time management apps out there, none can prepare you for getting stumped on a homework problem. If you’re the type of student who works through math homework at night/on weekends, then your calendar won’t save you; but a tutor might.

Yup is a 1:1 tutoring app that pairs students with a live tutor in a text message interface. These world-class tutors are undergraduates (or higher) at schools like MIT and Stanford or have backgrounds in teaching math, physics and/or chemistry. Instead of other services that provide you with a quick answer (and no explanation), Yup’s tutors create a dialogue with you until you reach a conceptual understanding of the problem.

So before you get frustrated with homework and reach for the virtual reality goggles (while it does seem like a great distraction), swipe on over to Yup, snap a pic of your problem, and  crush the problem set first.

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