Classifying Numbers (Irrational, Rational, Natural, Real)

Definition: This is the process of determining the characteristics of numbers.

Rational Numbers are made by dividing two integers

Irrational numbers  are real numbers that can NOT be made by dividing two integers

Natural Number also known as counting numbers.

Real Numbers are those that can be identified on the number line.

Whole Numbers have no fractional part and integers are positive or negative whole numbers.

complex numbers

Example: Classify the following numbers: π, 0.5, -52, 8


Step 1: Determine the characteristics of each number.

π: This is a non terminating decimal thus it is irrational and real.

0.5: This may be expressed as 1/2 thus it is rational and real.

-52: This has no fractional part and is negative. It may also be expressed as a fraction as -52/1. Thus it is an integer, a rational number and a real number.

8: This may be expressed as a fraction as 8/1. It has no decimal or fractional part so it is a natural number, an integer, a whole number, a rational number and a real number.

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