Trigonometry is the study of the relationship between angles and triangles and is a necessary precursor to precalculus. Trigonometry is built on your knowledge of geometry and algebra- so if you need a refresher, make sure to check out our Geometry Homework Help and Algebra Homework Help.

Yup provides resources on key trigonometry concepts, theorems, and proofs. Each topic includes a detailed definition, an example problem and step by step solution.

Trigonometry Topics: 

Angle Addition Formulas

Angle Subtraction Formulas

Convert between Polar and Rectangular Coordinates

Convert Radians to Degrees

Coterminal Angles


Double Angle Formulas

Euler’s Formula

Graph Cosine Functions

Graph Sine Functions

Heron’s Formula

Half Angle Formulas

Inverse Trigonometric Functions

Law of Cosines

Law of Sines

Product to Sum Formulas

Prove Trigonometric Identities


Reference Angles

Right Triangle Trigonometry

Solve Trigonometric Equations

Special Right Triangles

Sum to Product Formulas

Unit Circle

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